Alastorian Empire

The Alastorian Empire, also called the Jade Empire, was established over 150 years ago by the Archmage Alastor, who sought to unify the lawless islands of the world under one banner of peace and protection. The emperor died as an ancient man, his dream unfulfilled, still unhappy with himself despite the love he received from his subjects.

For decades afterward, a civil cold war escalated between the noble caste and the rising merchant class. The high-class and traditionalist nobles strongly resisted the rapidly increasing wealth of merchants that established themselves in the free market, and sometimes formed cliques and boycotts to impede the progress of this new class. It is unknown who made the first strike, but assassinations and attacks quickly became the language of diplomacy in the dispute. Realizing that this infighting would cause the collapse of the empire, the captain of the Jade Dragoons, Zelara, declared a temporary martial rule, until the politics of a true successor to the Jade Throne could be found. He has ruled with an iron fist over the capital, Alastor City, ever since.

The empire spans hundreds of islands and dozens of cultures, constantly incorporating new ideas and technologies to better benefit its people.

Largely a benevolent empire during its original expansion, invasion and annexation of other islands is unheard of, leaving reclusive settlements as independent trade partners, or leaving them alone altogether. However, as the empire spanned out, and resources became harder to distribute, more militant measures were taken to ensure peace. The empire continues to have a strong military presence, some of which has become unruly or corrupt from having little supervision from the central government, due to the great distance the empire spans. Increased Ravager raids and pirate strikes have forced the empire to spread its defense force thin, further exacerbating the problem. Today, only the Royal Guard, local police, and the elite unit known as the Jade Dragoons remain in the capital.

Alastorian Empire

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