The End

The edge of the world simply called the ‘End’ defies description in quite a literal sense. All attempts to map or document its appearance, or even its general qualities, have failed miserably, with explorers returning as maddened Ravagers, if they return at all.

The only accountable description available of The End’s general qualities are that those who approach the area tend to feel a sense of “coming apart.” Their attention becomes scattered, and they lose their appetites. Even their clothing seems to move somewhat erratically, not always following the motion of the wearer.

It has been observed that islands tend not to form within seeing distance of The End. Whether this is a property of the ocean itself, or if islands cannot remain stable in the area, has not been determined.

Cults have developed around the maddening qualities of The End, usually intersecting with followers of insane gods. It is rumoured that the religious sect of assassins called The Shadow of Heaven may be such a cult, or related to one.

The End

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